Aayusha singh, born and brought up in bhopal, M.P
BIO: Law student/ optimist/ avid reader/ cartoonist/ loves writing/ passionate blogger/ coffee addict/ foodie/ music lover/ loves traveling/ aspiring CS/ Nature lover.


Once, a cute-little-girl came to this alien planet from the womb of her mumma (Ranu), a lovely and beautiful lady. Happiness all around, small and happy family it became- Ranu, daddy and this girl. After 6 months, on 7th of may, 1998, Ranu passed away, and with her passed the one who was to be the person to lover her most with giving her a name (Aayusha) and leaving for her a watch which she used to wear. Then she had a small family of 4-5 people at her Nanu’s place but may be God didn’t liked that too. Anyway, now she has a beautiful and loving family of 2 people other than herself of course :p i.e. her maternal  grandfather and maternal grandmother and a cousin, pihu, whom she loves more then anyone else in this world, on the planet, and even on the solar system :p . She believes, her maternal grandfather is the only person on the planet who love her and will love her the most and she loves him too…very very much :D. After few months, she was suffering from a disease, admitted in I.C.U, a month passed away, no change in her condition, everyone stopped hoping but fortunately/unfortunately she survived. May be she survived because God wanted her to live this life all alone with no one except nanu, or may be he knew that she’s very strong so to test her :p or because God thought nanu would be needing her and her support. She calls her nanu – papa. Growing up with more of scolding she became stronger, doesn’t care of what people think and say for her. But she still believes in love and thinks those people are lucky who have more proportion of love in life.

She’s a Law student and an aspiring CS. She wants to earn money, adopt children, open NGO, help people in need, do whatever she can to bring smile on anyone’s face, give pihu a bright future, and a never ending list of dreams she have in her eyes. Meanwhile, after so much situations changing drastically in her life, she was unknowingly involved or get flowed away in the beautiful literary world of books (only trustful friend and which makes mood so very happy) and then to the world of writing. Currently, living  in the heart of India. She writes. I write  🙂 .

Thank you for standing by and investing your valuable time for exploring my writing space. Have a happy day :p keep smiling :). xoxo

-Aayusha singh 🙂